How to Make Your Bathroom as Nice as a Hotel Bathroom

How to Make Your Bathroom as Nice as a Hotel Bathroom

If you’ve ever watched any of the TV shows that revolve around selling houses, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of emphasis goes into making bathrooms amazing.  Since the bathroom is where we spend so much time getting ready to face the day and getting ready for bed, it makes sense that we’d want a bathroom that feels tranquil and luxurious.  Since it can also be the only place we’re able get a few minutes of peace and quiet (sometimes, anyway), it’s natural to want it to be a room that we actually want to be in.  If you can’t afford to completely renovate your bathroom, don’t worry.  We’ve got a few tips here that can help you make your bathroom feel as luxurious as the bathrooms in higher-end hotels.


One of the easiest ways to up the level of luxury in your bathroom is by finding great towels.  Oversized fluffy towels and bath sheets can give any bathroom a spa-like feel.  Calming colors like pale greens and blues can add to a feeling of tranquility.  You can even find heated freestanding towel racks that will keep your new towels nice and toasty.  Plush rugs can pamper your feet while adding more color.  Another way to increase the visual appeal of your bathroom is with a luxurious fabric shower curtain.  Paired with an impermeable liner, a fabric curtain can add a level of sophistication and elegance to any bathroom, especially when paired with a set of eye-catching shower hooks.

Bathroom with bath tub

Since many bathrooms tend to start looking overcrowded, consider finding ways to declutter your vanity and countertop.  Jewelry boxes with drawers can be great places to store smaller items like cotton balls and swabs, tweezers and eyelash curlers, or scrunchies and hair clips.  Naturally, they’re also great for storing jewelry, keeping your valuables from being part of the clutter and keeping them safer from getting rinsed down a drain.


Finding pictures and prints that feature calming scenes or inspirational sayings can be another way to help your bathroom feel like a high-end hotel and become a place that can help you gear up for the day or wind down before bed.


If running out of hot water is one of the things that’s keeping your bathroom from being the retreat it should be, consider investing in an electric tankless water heater.  Since these models heat water as it enters the unit, the supply of hot water is limitless.  Not only does this mean that you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water before you’ve really started to relax, it can also save you money since you don’t have to pay to heat and reheat a tankful of hot water when the house is empty or sleeping.

Rheem for hot water

Since far too few of us get to spend much (if any!) time at luxury hotels, it definitely seems worth the time and effort to try and transform our own bathrooms into high-end retreats.  Life can be so hectic and stressful that having a “happy place” might make more difference than you can imagine!


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